Center Overview

Since the founding of this center, we have had courses available to the public, such as language training, continuing education in the community, Chinese Class for Alien Brides, Parent-child English, Culture of the Indigenous Tribes, etc. In addition, we have offered the following programs: Hakka Children Camp, Easy Hakka Language Learning, Hakka Teachers Training, GEPT Class, TOEIC Certification Class, 80 Credits Program for Early Childhood Development and Education, Teacher Training Class for Children's Go Playing, Futures and Options Practice, Level C Chinese Catering, Children's Education Certification, Taichung Community College—Professional Training Course for Teachers, Career Planning, Industrial Design Professional Personnel Training Course Entrusted by the Industrial Development Bureau, Vocational Training Course operated by the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Computer Class for Winter and Summer Vacation, Tax Agent Training Class, Graded Business Personnel Training Class, Computer Software Training Class entrusted by the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Child Care Personnel Training Class for In-Service Students (Level B), Vocational Training for Nursery Employees (Level A), credit courses offered by different departments, 16 Credits Course for the Grade B Technician, Wu Chuan Community College in Taichung City, Mountainview Community College in Taichung County, Taichung City Labor College, Community Planner for Taichung County, etc. Looking forward to the future, CEC will create multiple recurrent university education: 
The major duties of the CEC are listed below:
1. Open up the channels for in-service to get master's level credit. 
Offer master programs for in-service students. For those who pass the examinations, we will issue them credit certificates. In the future, they can sit for the open screening to get their master's degree officially. 
2. Establish recurrent education system at the undergraduate level 
(1) Open credit courses for the education program 
(2) Admission by registration with no examination 
(3) Dual instruction methods of class instructions or credit taking. For the students who pass qualification test will issue them credit certificates. 
(4) In-service classes for any technical certification 
3. Operation of various kinds of vocational training upon request of the government and businesses. 
Owing to rapid changes in the overall economic environment, CEC also provides will operate vocational training courses at different levels upon request of the government and the businesses. We can help promote the quality of the enterprise's manpower and economic development. By enhancing the employees' professional know-how, skills, and second specialty, they can have their competitiveness intensified. In the future, we will focus on Central Taiwan Science Park to offer programs of scientific development. 
4. Credit Certificate Issuing System with Quality Guarantee
For the students of the credit programs, if they pass the courses they take, with absence of less than one third of the total hours, they are eligible to apply for credit certificates. With the certificates, they can have those credits waived when they enter the regular programs at the university. 
5. Establish “Adult's College” 
Its major purpose is to promote adult learning, adult teacher's certificate program, etc. to consolidate the goal of lifelong learning.